Detroit Lions Reveal Rookie Jersey Numbers For 2018

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The Lions Revealed The Jersey Numbers Of The Rookies Taken In the 2018 Draft.

The biggest news out of Allen Park recently is that the rookie jersey numbers for this year’s draft class have been released. It’s important to know these things in case it’s necessary to yell at one of these guys through the television set on a Sunday afternoon. Nobody wants to be the ignorant fan yelling the wrong player’s name, after all. So, without further ado, here’s your cheat sheet for all of the new rookie jersey numbers:

Frank Ragnow – 77

77 is a solid number for a center. I can’t fault Ragnow for aspiring to honor former Lions center Mike Compton‘s use of the number. Compton started 85 games for the Lions in the ’90s. Ragnow wore #72 at Arkansas. Currently, that jersey belongs to fellow tackle, Brian Mihalik.

Kerryon Johnson – 33

Johnson had to deviate from his college number (21) as well. This time it’s running back Ameer Abdullah forcing the switch. It may be for the best; 33 is a number that hasn’t been used much, nor with much success over the years in Detroit. Perhaps Johnson can make it his own.

Tracy Walker – 47

Cornerback Darius Slay is sitting on #23, Walker’s college jersey. So Walker had to make due with what was left. 47 is possibly the ugliest number I can think of, personally. But hey, to each his own. The most notable Lion to wear #47 seems to be the former corner, Ryan McNeil.

Da’Shawn Hand – 93

At Alabama, Hand wore #9 so a change was definitely needed for his time with the Detroit Lions in the NFL. Not only is Matthew Stafford keeping that number cozy, it’s also a rules issue.  Currently, only quarterbacks, kickers, and punters are allowed to wear single digit jersey numbers. Hand takes the number of former Lion, Jerry Ball. He started every game at nose tackle from 1987-1992.

Tyrell Crosby – 65

Crosby made the switch from #73 at Oregon to #65 with the Lions. Veteran center Wes Johnson is wearing #73 for now. I do wonder if some of these rookie jersey numbers will change after final cuts, or some horse trading, are done.

Nick Bawden – 46

Another victim of the rules. Bawden wore #15 at San Diego State, but running backs aren’t permitted to wear numbers in the teens in the NFL. He’ll have to settle for my old high school number, one which will likely ensure him greatness. It was good luck for me so I think this should pan out pretty well.

That’s all I have for news today. Let’s hope these players are ingrained in the minds of fans forever while wearing these numbers with the Lions logo.

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