Ask The Intern: Offensive Struggles, Glover Quin’s Health, And A’Shawn Robinson’s Performance In New Orleans

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The Recent Offensive Struggles, Glover Quin’s Health, And A’Shawn Robinson‘s Performance.

Question One: What Can The Lions Do To Turn Around Their Offensive Issues?

That is a tough question to answer. The main issue has been the inconsistency of offensive line play. But that has been symptomatic of the injuries really plaguing the unit as a whole. Right guard TJ Lang missed last game with a tight back and also missed most of the pre-season activities because of a surgery he needed in the off-season. Starting left tackle Taylor Decker was arguably the Lions best lineman as a rookie last year, but has yet to see the field this season. Center Travis Swanson missed a little time earlier this season against the Vikings.

Offensive need time and experience working together to build the chemistry they need to mesh as a unit. The injuries have halted that. But also, the lineman that have had to play in place of their injured teammates, have really struggled to find any consistent success. This has led to the Lions failure in the running game and giving up consistent pressure in the passing situations, which has in turn stalled the offense. This is not something the Lions can fix now, just need to use the bye week to hopefully get healthy. Decker coming back would be huge.

But the Lions could use quick passing game to help supplement the running game. Getting their play-makers like Golden Tate in space would help keep defenders on their toes and not just pin their ears back to attack downhill. Hard counts combined with these quick passes could really help slow down the pass rush. With the Lions receivers struggling to get open against man coverage, it only emphasizes the need to have a quick passing attack. This is in no way a long term solution, but could help the offense in the next few weeks as their line gets closer to one-hundred percent.

Question Two: Do You Expect Glover Quin To Be Healthy By Next Week’s Game Against The Steelers?

I would say tentatively yes. Concussions vary on a case-by-case basis. Glover has not had a history of concussions, so it is likely he could recover quickly. He has yet to practice, which is important because players need to practice fully before passing concussion protocol and being cleared to play.

It was the impact of the hit that really concerns me. It did not look good live when teammate A’Shawn Robinson’s knee struck Quin’s helmet with the speed Robinson was moving at. Depending on how severe the impact was a result could change the trajectory of Quin’s recovery timeline. There is no way to know for sure, but given Glover’s ability to stay on the field in his career, I would lean more towards a “yes” than a “no”.

And this is good new for Lions fans. Glover Quin has been getting praise from analysts on social media and is currently PFF’s 2nd rated safety on the season. This praise is backed up on tape. They move Glover all over the field and have even started bringing him down in the box when injuries to the linebackers started piling up. The free safety is the most impactful player for the Lions defense and is paramount he returns when he is one hundred percent healthy. Detroit needs a healthy Glover Quin to compete this season.

Question 3: What Did You Think Of A’Shawn Robinson’s Performance In New Orleans?

I really liked what I saw from Robinson. Now, he did get blown back pretty bad on a couple inside runs in the red zone. That is the opposite of what you want to see from Robinson considering he is better fit in the 1′ where he fights double teams more consistently.

However, those were only a couple bad plays in an otherwise impressive performance from the Lions second year defensive tackle. He was able to hold his ground well against the Saints running game. Was rarely moved off the line of scrimmage and was taking good angles to ball-carriers all day. Robinson get to second on the team in tackles with seven as a result of his play against the run.

Now, he does leave something to desire in his pass rush in this game. He still needs to learn how to hand fight and find a counter or second move when his initial bull-rush stalls out. But, when the does not get to the quarterback he is good at getting his hands in passing lanes to bat balls down. This game he was responsible for two balls swatted at the line.

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