Billy Price Should Be A High Target For The Detroit Lions In The 2018 NFL Draft


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A Look At Center Billy Price As A Potential Selection By The Detroit Lions In The 2018 NFL Draft.

The Detroit Lions have a significant need at interior offensive line, depending on how they view Joe Dahl. If they feel they need a difference maker and center Billy Price is available at the Lions second round pick, you could very well see the Ohio State prospect dawn honolulu blue and silver this upcoming season.

Billy Price Is Strong And Mean

Billy Price was a wild man at center for the Buckeyes during his time there in college. While he was reckless at times, his immense power is eye-popping on film. His hip flexibility and bend is upper end which really allows him to move defenders at will. His ability to down block is great because of this. He seals off the edge on inside runs very consistently. Has a certain tough and mean aspect to his game. He is looking to put a defender on their back every play. He does this well when asked to man block. But a lack of lateral quickness and a tendency to lunge has hindered his ability blocking in space and at the second level.

That is not to say he has not shown ability there. When he is patient coming around the corner on pull blocks and squares up to his target, it typically ends with Price driving the defender into the ground. The inconsistency comes from his mentality of going for the “kill shot” on every play. Needs to settle for better positioning more often. But with his violent hand usage, his immense strength, and consistently great pad level, Price is a very hard man to get around if he is able to get his hands on you.

The most consistent part of Price’s game to this point is his ability in pass protection. He does a great job anchoring the middle of the pocket, while keeping his head on a swivel. This helps aid Price in blitzes and stunts pickups. This play against Michigan is a good example of what makes him special. Price instantly recognizes the interior pressure coming off the stunt and shuts it down before it even starts. He takes the defensive end out of the play almost immediately, giving his quarterback the space and time he needed to get the first down on this play.

How Would Price Fit In Detroit?

Billy Price fits what the Lions need and what they are looking for better than many of the offensive lineman that should be available on day two. They need another interior lineman with a mean streak to help churn out yards on 3rd and 4th and short. His consistency in pass protection will be a welcomed addition for quarterback Matthew Stafford, who was near the top of sacks taken and sacks evaded in 2018. Ideally, he would take over duties at center, keeping Graham Glasgow at left guard for the foreseeable future.

Price would likely start from day one and would go a long way to helping improve an offensive line that struggled immensely last season in Detroit.

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