Tyrell Crosby Possesses Rare Strength Worthy Of Day Two Pick In 2018 NFL Draft

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A Look At 2018 NFL Draft Prospect Tyrell Crosby As A Potential Selection By The Detroit Lions

During his tenure at Oregon, Tyrell Crosby spent the majority of his time at left tackle. Crosby may be one of the strongest offensive linemen in this year’s draft class. However, tightness in his hips will likely limit his ability to play tackle in the NFL enough to be relied on there. There will always be a place in the league for players that are as massive and strong as him. After watching several games worth of film from this past season, I see Crosby as more of a guard long term due to his athletic limitations.

What Does Tyrell Crosby Have To Improve To Succeed?

His hand usage and footwork can get really sloppy at times. A sluggish kick step will not be as big a deal on the inside of the line as it was for him at the tackle spot but definitely needs work. He can give up on technique and grab at shoulder pads to throw defender around rather than establish leverage points inside. While you can get away with this more in college, NFL players will be harder to ragdoll the same way. Developing his hand technique and footwork will be big for Crosby, especially learning a new position. But, if he can put it all together, he could be one of the best at his position early in his career.

Crosby sets up a big run on this play against Stanford. He comes out of his stance low and immediately sets his hands under the Standford defensive end’s pads. This leverage gives him the ability to flip his hips inside and drive through the defender to seal the edge.


While speed rushers are the ones that typically give Crosby the most trouble, if they allow him to get in close on them he can swallow them and remove them from the play completely. This play against Stanford again was a great example of his strength serving him well, this time in pass protection.

Crosby is rarely off balance coming out of his stance and this play is no exception. He lands a great initial punch to set the defender off balance. Once he feels the defender’s momentum stall his strength takes over as he puts the defender on his back.

How Well Does Crosby Fit In Detroit?

Crosby’s length could make him a coveted player by the Detroit Lions. Under general manager Bob Quinn, the Lions have gotten long and tall along their offensive line. At 6’5″, 325 lbs, he would certainly have the size Quinn appears to covet. However, his physical limitations do raise questions.

The Lions have run more of a zone blocking scheme under offensive coordinator Jim Bob Cooter. Crosby’s immense strength and limited lateral quickness make him a better fit overall for power or man blocking schemes. If the Lions coaching staff are sold on his strength and believe they can coach him up, then he could very well be the selection. But, it may be more likely they head in a different direction with their round two or three selections.

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