Foley Fatukasi Is A Developmental Defensive Tackle Option On Day Three Of 2018 NFL Draft

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A Look At 2018 Draft Prospect Foley Fatukasi As A Potential Fit For The Detroit Lions

One of the biggest remaining needs for the Detroit Lions heading into the 2018 season is at the defensive tackle position. If they have yet to address their interior pass rushing needs going into day three, Foley Fatukasi would be a great developmental piece for the Lions future.

Foley Fatukasi’s Strength Is His Power

At 6’4″, 315 lbs, Fatukasi is one of the bigger built defensive lineman likely to be available on day three by the time of Detroit’s fourth-round pick. When you put on the tape, it is quite clear he is raw in terms of hand usage and hand fighting technique to this point. But what is also readily apparent is just how dominant he can be with his strength.

Not that the bench press is the biggest benchmark for a great lineman, but Fatukasi’s film strength was backed by his Combine performance where he put up 33 reps on the bench press. Hand fighting is violent and wild to this point. Handled double teams very well during his time playing at Connecticut. While his hand usage is inconsistent, his best plays typically come from being able to get his hands under the pads of the offensive lineman, driving them back with his legs, thus collapsing the line.

He has the ability to play 1′ or 3′ in the NFL. However, his lack of lateral quickness could limit him from lining up much father outside. His top speed is quite poor as well. He has a hard time getting down the line in time to stuff runs that are opposite of the side he is on. May need to spend a good amount of time on cleaning up his footwork his first few years in the league as a result.

Should The Lions Select Fatukasi On Day Three?

This will likely come down to whether this position is addressed on days one or two, or not. There is no denying the need at the position. If it is unaddressed by the time their fourth-round pick comes up, the Lions could do a lot worse than Fatukasi. There are some quickness limitations with him.

But, his bull rush is strong, even if he needs more refined moves and counters to this point. He can eat up double teams against the run well and can help collapse the pocket on third down. He would start out as a rotational player his first few seasons, but Fatukasi could very well develop into a starting caliber interior defensive lineman before his rookie contract is up.

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