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By 4 PM Tuesday, the Lions have to be down to 75 players on their active roster. Stay tuned in here while we update you on the cuts, and comment on the Reddit to let everyone know what you think about these early roster moves.

Monday, 11:30 AM: Geoff Schwartz cut: Wow an unexpected move here. Schwartz had just gotten healthy but couldn’t play up to the ability of the younger guys. It definitely seems like we are going with youth over experience throughout both starters and depth on the o-line this season. For more check out our full story on the Schwartz cut.

Monday, 1:26 PM: Crezdon Bulter,Matthew Mulligan, Devon Bell, Quinshad Davis, Chase Farris, Deonte Gibson, Louis Palmer, Rashaad Reynolds,  all cut. Jimmy Landes goes to the IR with a shoulder injury that will require surgery.

Butler is a shocking move as he was considered a hero in the Green Bay game last year, but only had four tackles in the three games played.

Matthew Mulligan was the starting tight end in preseason week one, but never was able to get any catches and while his blocking wasn’t horrible, Andrew Quarless being on the team made it harder for him to take over the number three spot.

Devon Bell wasn’t a shocking move as he wouldn’t have been able to replace Matt Prater or Sam Martin. Just brought in for competition.

Quinshad Davis had some training camp hype, but couldn’t put it into yards in the preseason. He had three catches for 27 yards and dropped two passes.

Chase Farris is a shocking move as Detroit is looking for younger offensive lineman, but with Brandon Thomas coming in, this may have been why Farris got cut.

Deonte Gibson didn’t do too much in the preseason, only getting two tackles, one for loss. With the defensive end position having some depth, Gibson didn’t really have a shot.

Louis Palmer didn’t do anything at all in the preseason and the same could be said for him on the defensive line, too much depth.

Rashaad Reynolds had five tackles, one for loss in the three games, better than some of the other cornerbacks still on the team. This move came to somewhat of a shock as he could have lasted at least another week to try and be the number six cornerback.

Quanterus Smith only showed up against the Steelers, getting two tackle and a sack. Besides that he was quiet in weeks two and three. Again, depth at the defensive end spot made this decision become easy.

Jimmy Landes surprisingly ends up on the IR with having a shoulder injury. We have no information when the injury occurred, as he looked healthy against the Ravens, but this solidifies Muhlbach as the starting long snapper.

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