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Today’s Detroit Lions News

In the ongoing effort to give our readers more reasons to come here every day, I’m going to be collecting all the things that were published today that I found interesting. Player Signings, good deeds, draft prospects, coaching profiles, and everyone’s favorite off-season pastime, baseless conjecture abound within. Without further ado, here is what happened in Detroit Lions news today:

It turns out the Lions had apparently not actually signed Stevan Ridley before today. He wasn’t in the middle of a great season when he was injured, but if he’s all the way back from his injury, he is going to be the best power back on the roster. This is a guy that went for over 1200 yards at the NFL level. He has had fumbling issues in the past, and there are two things I don’t love in skill position players: running backs who fumble, and receivers who can’t catch. Hopefully he’s figured out what the problem is, as once a guy has that reputation, every player in the league is punching at the ball on every play.

Marvin Jones just got a massive pay hike. some men buy houses, some get fancy cars, this one is sending his little sister to the Olympics.  That’s a good brother, and this speaks well of his character.

Been under a rock for the last while and looking to jump back in to the fray? Here is a list of the Lions free agent acquisitions so far this off-season.

Know thyself, know thy enemies. A thousand battles, a thousand victories. Truer words have never been spoken than these by an ancient Chinese general, translated in to several different dialects and then regurgitated in a billion tenuous attempts to seem deep and educated. The link is to a synopsis of the free agent moves that the teams who play the Lions made this year. Get to know the people you need to hate this year. The Sun Tzu quote is today’s free bonus knowledge.

Want to spend some time on  Well, be sure to look for Jeff Risdon’s stuff like this piece on Reggie Ragland.

If you’d like to spend time looking at tape on some slightly more obscure prospects, here are four players to check out as the mood strikes.

After multiple seasons of underachieving at the tight end spot, the Lions went out and picked up a coach coming off a bad run at the college level. He may not have been the man to bring “The U” back to prominence, but I know we’re all hoping he’s the guy who can unlock the tenth overall pick from the 2014 draft.

Are the Lions done at defensive end?  Well, I certainly hope not. Gillberry is likely better depth than the likes of Darryl Tapp, but he’s not going to be mistaken for Michael Strahan any time soon. The Lions have visited with a few prospects at the position and there is no shortage of options in the first few rounds of the draft that could likely begin the year at or near the top of the depth chart.

And there you have it, today’s fix of Kool-aid. Check back tomorrow to for a quick look at the day’s Detroit Lions news. Found something I missed? Please shoot me a line on Twitter @a5hcrack, or head on over to /r/detroitlions and share with the class.

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