Lions Morning Intel: May 7, 2016

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There is really nothing happening any more until training camp. There will be some low end shuffling of the roster, a few moves in the organization outside the coaching staff and players, but for the most part, what we have in front of us, is what we’ve got to look forward to seeing in the preseason. Does that mean there isn’t going to be any Lions news to report until training camp opens? Not by a long shot my friends! The NFL is a 24/7/365 news cycle, and every day we’re going to be here, sopping up all the water that the Detroit media will squeeze out of this stone. Without further ado; today’s Detroit Lions news.

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Yesterday in Lions news

Jim Caldwell isn’t saying what he is going to do with Taylor Decker before he’s actually had him in a practice. Why would he? He doesn’t know much more about what Taylor Decker will be in the NFL than you or I do. If he does a better job than Riley Rieff against Ziggy Ansah in training camp, he’ll be the left tackle, if he doesn’t he’ll be the  right tackle.

Here is a list of the Lions undrafted free agent signings. Why should you care about these people? Well in 2013 20% of the starters in the NFL were undrafted players, it is only because the Lions have historically been awful at picking these guys that they haven’t been a huge factor in the lives of Lions fans. Everyone made a huge deal of La’Adrian Waddle being a good player before he was derailed somewhat by a scheme change and some injuries, but almost every team will start four undrafted free agents in games in any given year. there are more undrafted players starting than first round picks.

Want to know that A’Shawn Robinson is good at besides resembling De’Andre Levy’s tough as nails uncle? Robinson is a football player, not a track star. There are going to be a lot of teams that deeply regret letting the Lions get him in the second round.

This just in: the Lions 2013 draft was really really good in retrospect. Sports Illustrated said it now, so it must finally be true. Have I mentioned that this time of year is really slow?

The Media wasn’t really allowed to watch much of the first day of rookie camp, so there was not much for them to report. and as a result, the Lions news for the day is short but sweet. @a5hcrack on Twitter, and over on /r/detroitlions.  Also, here are some old school highlights.


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