Taylor Decker Playing Left Tackle at Rookie Mini-Camp

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As rookie mini-camp opened this week, the Lions were playing their first round pick Taylor Decker at left tackle. Since the draft, the Lions have insisted that they haven’t decided on a position for Decker and that it would all depend on how he performs in the pre-season and training camp. Decker says he sees himself as a left tackle but will play where the Lions ask him to.

In my mind, Decker is obviously the best tackle at the rookie mini-camp and that’s why he plays the left during practice. What is interesting about this is that he would be taking reps in practice at left tackle while he learns the playbook. Unless Reiff gets injured at some point before week one, the most likely scenario would be Decker on the right side, so wouldn’t the team want him to take his initial reps at right tackle? We don’t know the answers, but it’s something to ponder.

The Lions and especially Coach Caldwell remain non-committal when asked about Taylor’s role on the team.

“He’ll do a number of things today so all across the board,” Caldwell said, “In terms of anything beyond that, it’s probably too early to talk about.”

Left Tackle Of The Future

 What isn’t questionable though is that Bob Quinn and the Lions see Decker as their left tackle of the future. Once the entire team comes to camp, Decker will have plenty of time to learn the right side. Reiff’s contract is up after next year and it is unknown at this point whether he will be back. With all five starting offensive linemen returning, it’s also possible that Decker is used as the sixth lineman on the team. This is what the Lions did when they drafted Reiff, and he has been the starting left tackle for the past three seasons.

Quinn has no connection to anyone on this team other than the ten guys he just drafted and the few changes he has made to the scouting department. If the Lions have a poor season this year, heads will roll.

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