Starters Return to Practice for Detroit

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Detroit Sees Many Starters Return to the Field on Wednesday

Detroit came back for another win last Sunday as they beat the Redskins in dramatic fashion. Sadly that cost them their best cornerback on the team as Darius Slay was injured and did not return. Many people are hoping Slay can return to action against the Texans this Sunday, but it doesn’t look good so far for the starting cornerback. While his injury status is up in the air other players returned to practice on Wednesday, and these players are starters who have been missing some time. They could elevate Detroit’s performance if they return. Check out the latest injury news from Wednesday’s practice.

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After Seen Dancing Last Week, Ebron and Riddick Return to Practice

Eric Ebron and Theo Riddick were back at practice today for the Detroit Lions. Both were limited in their return, as both have an ankle injury while Ebron also has a knee issue. This is a good sign for the team as the tight end position has been quiet with Ebron out, Clay Harbor has been the only good tight end and mostly blocking. Cole Wick hasn’t existed in the Offense. Riddick returning would be big for Detroit as the run game could improve and Stafford would have another weapon back on the field.

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Returning When Expected, Ngata Back at Practice

Haloti Ngata was expected to be out for two to three weeks. Well, it has been two weeks and he is back at practice. He was limited with his shoulder injury. If he stays limited all week, it could be a chance he misses this week and returns next week. If he can get into full participation then he could be back against the Texans.

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Marvin Jones, Joe Dahl and Riley Reiff Out of Practice

These three players missed practice on Wednesday, but they were non-injury related. Dahl and Reiff are dealing with an illness while Marvin was listed as a not injury related issue, his wife is expected to have a child soon. This is good to hear though that these players are just out due to a sickness or something else instead of missing time due to an injury. They should all play on Sunday unless they get hurt during practice or if Jones’s wife goes into labor and he misses the game.

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Darius Slay Out with Hamstring Injury

The big injury news from last weeks game was Darius Slay and him missing practice isn’t a good start to the week. That means his chances of playing aren’t looking good with him sitting out at practice on Wednesday. If he could turn into limited participation as the week continues his chances would increase, but for now things aren’t good for the Detroit secondary.

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Corey Robinson and DeAndre Levy Out Again

DeAndre Levy is still out to no shock to anyone on the team. Corey Robinson missed the game last week with an ankle injury and it seems to be affecting him still on Wednesday. Detroit might be without the tackle again this week and you can expect Levy to be out possibly until after the bye week.

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Dwayne Washington Returns to Practice Fully

Another positive to the injury report is that running back Dwayne Washington was back to full participation in practice. Expect him back and if Riddick returns, then Caldwell will have to decide whether Zenner or Forsett will dress as the other might be inactive.

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Houston Texans Injury Report

The Detroit Lions are a tad bit banged up, but the Houston Texans are getting ripped apart piece by piece. Safety Corey Moore missed practice due to a concussion and Brian Peters missed practice with a quad injury. Right tackle Derek Newton missed practice which shouldn’t come as a shock, Newton tore both of his patellas and will be in a wheelchair for a while. It could be a career ending injury and may take time to learn how to walk again. This was another nasty non-contact injury that sadly took down a player.

Safety Lonnie Ballentine was limited with a knee/oblique injury. Running back Lamar Miller was limited in practice as well with a shoulder injury. Defensive end Jadeveon Clowney was limited in practice with his elbow injury.

Detroit will be taking advantage with Derek Newton missing time with the defensive line showing strength last week against the Redskins. Losing Clowney would be big for their defense as well and while you shouldn’t expect Lamar Miller to miss the game, keep an eye in case he misses a practice or stays limited.

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