Who Is Your Favorite Detroit Lion Of All Time? Tournament Style – Part 3

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With Round 1 In The Books, It’s Time To Open The Polls For Round 2

Welcome back for round 2 of the tournament to decide the fans’ favorite Detroit Lions player of all time.  If you missed Part 1 or Part 2 go ahead and click to understand what exactly is going on here. The tournament got off to an interesting start last week. Now that the field has been narrowed to 32 players there are a few things to examine from the first round of votes. That’s where I’ll start this time around.

Notes From Round 1

  • The biggest blowout in voting was Matthew Stafford defeating Charlie Batch with the final vote at 99%-1%. Batch had his glory when he defeated Scott Mitchell back in the prelim poll. Drawing Stafford right off the bat was a tough ask. Thanks for playing, Charlie.
  • There was a tie for the closest matchup. Kevin Glover defeated Doak Walker, and Jeff Backus defeated Bennie Blades; both with a final score of 53%-47%. The former offensive linemen were being shown some major respect here in what should be considered upsets in my opinion.
  • 2 of the 3 kickers in the field advanced. Jason Hanson and Matt Prater will be moving on. Hanson put up a big showing with 82% of the votes against Hall of Fame tight end Charlie Sanders. That looks like a strong sign moving forward. Eddie Murray, the third kicker, was paired with Darius Slay. He was sent wide right.
  • There appears to be a major disadvantage for old-school era players. Six players who are enshrined in the Pro Football Hall of Fame were bounced in round 1. It’s disappointing at face value. These were legendary players, some of the greatest the Lions have ever had.  However, this tournament is about favorites. It’s fair to say a player isn’t your favorite if they played before you were alive or watching football. With that being said, there are still a handful of iconic Lions from the days of black and white still alive. Let’s get to round 2.

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North Region


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South Region

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East Region

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West Region

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Lions Fan Favorite Tournament

The voting for this round will close Saturday, June 16th at 11:59 pm. Check out Part 4 where I’ll take another look at results, as well as start to break down the next matchups in a deeper way. These head to heads are already getting tough. It should only get more interesting from here.

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