Ameer Abdullah’s Health and Explosiveness In Lions’ Training Camp

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Abdullah’s Health And Effectiveness Will Be An Important Part Of The Detroit Lions’ Offensive Success.

After an alleged lisfranc injury last season, an injury that typically is a serious issue for players throughout the remainder of their careers, Ameer Abdullah‘s health has been a concern all offseason. With a player like Abdullah, one who has a game based on sharp cuts, being explosive out of those cuts, and quick burst, there was serious concern that he would ever be the same player again. Detroit Lions’ training camp this year showed that he is still explosive. He is still quick. The injury does not appear to have an immediate effect on his ability to run athletically.

That said, the question still remains about the long term effect of this injury. Will it affect his confidence in his cuts and running style? Will it be an injury that wears on him over the course of the season? Is this something that he might injure again this season and potentially hamper the remainder of his career? These are questions that we cannot answer from training camp.

Detroit Lions’ training camp can tell us that it does not appear to be a concern right no. It is reassuring to see him out and running, looking electric with the ball in his hands. Ameer Abdullah’s health may be a question going forward, but it is not an immediate concern. He appears able to do all of the things that he could before, without any sort of limitations.

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Abdullah was making some nice catches in training camp drills. He was breaking some nice runs in light contact drills and appears ready to be a threat both as a runner and a receiver. If Ameer Abdullah’s health holds up, he should be an important part of the Detroit Lions’ offensive attack in this upcoming season.

If the Ameer Abdullah’s health can hold up, and the Lions can find some semblance of a running game, the offense should be significantly more effective than it was last year. The offense was among the most efficient in the league last year. Most of the lack of offensive production stemmed from a lack of defense and potent rushing attack. The defense appears improved. Can the rushing attack improve enough to take some of the pressure off the arm of Matthew Stafford?

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