Kerryon Johnson: 2018 NFL Draft Profile

Kerryon Johnson Has Some Durability Concerns

Kerryon Johnson was beat up most of the last two years. He played through almost all of it, but he certainly was dealing with a variety of nagging injuries throughout the majority of the past two seasons. This is both a credit to his toughness and a question of how well he will hold up against bigger and stronger athletes at the next level.

On one hand, Kerryon Johnson looked really good on tape, despite the injuries that he has to play through. On the other hand, he took a lot of damage throughout his college career, and he runs violently. He’s a bruiser, and that type of running back tends to take more abuse than other backs. I wouldn’t be surprised if he continues to deal with nagging injuries at the next level, because I don’t see him changing his running style.

I’m not a doctor, but it is definitely something that is worth noting.

Kerryon Johnson Overall

Kerryon Johnson is one of my favorite backs in this class and looks like he is going to be an excellent value beyond round two. His vision, patience, balance, and tenacity are all traits that should give him a high floor in the NFL. I think that he has all the traits to carry the ball between the tackles and contribute in passing situations.

He isn’t the quickest or most explosive running back in the class and isn’t a threat to take a run 80 yards to the house, but he does the little things well and beats defenders with power and balance. He has the willpower and the physicality to win in short yardage situations and the vision to consistently gain positive yards.

He’s a player that I think fans should be very excited about.

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