Kerryon Johnson: 2018 NFL Draft Profile

Kerryon Johnson Can Catch The Ball Out Of The Backfield

Kerryon Johnson was used a good deal in the passing game for Auburn. While he probably isn’t ever going to be an elite route runner, Johnson has shown the skills necessary to catch the ball out of the backfield at the next level. This receiving ability doesn’t come with the same pass protection concerns that come with a player like Rashaad Penny. Kerryon Johnson shows solid hands, the ability to catch the ball away from his frame, and the ability to adjust to passes with poor ball placement, all things that will help him stay on the field on third downs.

Nothing about the play below is particularly flashy, but Kerryon Johnson does a nice job adjusting to a pass that is a little behind him without having to stop or adjust his route. He maintains his path and turns upfield to turn himself into a runner seamlessly.

Aside from the nice run after the catch here, Kerryon Johnson doesn’t let this pass get into his body, catches the pass out in front of him and looks natural catching the ball. He gets upfield just as he is catching the ball without losing concentration or taking his eyes off the ball. A really solid rep from him in the passing game.

Kerryon Johnson Displays Consistently Good Effort

Something that I love to see in a running back – or any player – is consistently good effort. Kerryon Johnson is among the highest effort running backs in this class. He shows it in all aspects of his game. You never see Kerryon Johnson give up on a run. It pays off for him on his tape.

On the play below, there is not a moment where Kerryon Johnson kets himself go to the ground. Even when swarmed with defenders, getting dragged to the ground, Kerryon Johnson continues fighting for the end zone. You won’t see this kind of drive out of many running backs.

This play is almost certainly dead in the water. Still, Kerryon Johnson fights for every inch, throwing a defender to the ground and fighting two defenders for extra yards. Effort is something that is going to pay off for him at the next level. Whether it shows up in his work ethic, or in his play, it is certainly something that will help.

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