Nevin Lawson Struggles In The Detroit Lions Third Preseason Game

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Nevin Lawson Had One Of His Worst Games As A Professional Football Player In The Detroit Lions Preseason Game On Friday Night.

Nevin Lawson struggled mightily in the Detroit Lions preseason game on Friday night against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

The good news is that these preseason games don’t count.

The bad news is that Nevin Lawson appears to be a candidate to start at the corner back position opposite Darius Slay. Even in preseason, poor play from your potential starters is not a good look. Lawson is not going to miss the 53 man roster, but he is certainly putting his starting job in jeopardy with performances like what we saw in this third preseason game.

Nevin Lawson was beat several times, including a touchdown in the second half against third string quarterback Ryan Griffin.

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Nevin Lawson is known to be a player that is sticky in coverage, but lacks the ball skills to create turnovers or make plays on the ball in receievers’ hands, but Friday night’s preseason game lacked the sticky element to Lawson’s game.

In defense of Nevin Lawson, two of the receptions he allowed were against tight end OJ Howard. Howard is 6’6 and 242 pounds. Nevin Lawson stands at just 5’10 and 180 pounds. That is not an ideal match up for an undersized corner back. It’s the type of match up that I hope to see rarely in the regular season.

Additionally, the holding penalty against Nevin Lawson was a little iffy, and I’m not sure that I can blame him for it. He played the receiver physically and the refs threw a flag on what appeared to be regular contact between a receiver and a tight end.

It is still preseason. I’m not panicking yet, but this performance does not instill confidence in a unit that should be the strength of the Detroit Lions defense.

Despite the depth in the secondary, Bob Quinn continues to bring in defensive backs. This unit needs to step up and pick up the slack of what is presumably a weak front seven. Nevin Lawson has to play better than he did in the Detroit Lions preseason game Friday night.

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