Podcast Fantasy Teams Rise To The Top In Mega Leagues

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Where Does Your Team Stack Up In The Podcast Fantasy Leagues?

It may only be week 4 but in fantasy football trends are already beginning. Teams are beginning to streak ahead, and fall behind, and knowing where your team stands can help you adjust for playoffs in a few weeks.

The Podcast Fantasy Mega-Leagues!


Highlighted teams would make the playoffs if they started today.

While those who are paying attention to, or playing in, the Detroit Lions Podcast fantasy football leagues will know that there are 4 separate 12 team leagues, they also combine into 2 separate 24 team mega leagues.

Each of the four leagues have four divisions, and the division leaders will advance to playoffs with two wildcard spots. So when playoffs begin it will resemble a March Madness bracket where the two leagues will march forward until only four of 12 are left.

By Points, Two Teams Are At The Top

In both mega-leagues four teams are undefeated. Tie breakers in yahoo sports are determined by total points after the win-loss ratio and where the team stands in their division.

Golden ‘Taters–  The current leader of Mega League 1 is at the top of their division: Ziggy’s Grunts. With two division wins and a Podcast Leagues high of 664.60 points, through 3 weeks they have put together the single best offense.

Drafting what has been quietly a very successful team, Golden ‘Taters has been making good use of player matchups. Running Matt Ryan the last three weeks while he has had monster games, and a wide receiver corps of Odell Beckham Jr. and Jarvis Landry.


Division wins only matter in finding the division leaders, and don’t count in tie breaking.

This week might be their fall from grace as many of their star players are in tough matchups, and Golden ‘Taters is only expected to win by 14 points against Sophie’s choices.

Harambatron– Leading Mega League 2 and their division: Marvin Jones‘n For A TD. Two division wins and a total of 609.06 points, has this team above all others in their 24 team league.

Week 1 & 3 saw this team topping 200 points, with a rough week 2 that had a favorable skunk by Grumble of Pugs. That rough week saw most of Harambatron’s players coming up short of where their projections had them. This team still put up 181.92 points, which should have made that week more competitive but Grumble of Pugs only scored 139.20 points.

Riddickulous TDs could take down Harambatron this week, as they are very closely matched up. As of writing Riddickulous TDs has a player starting on bye, once they replace Ryan Mathews the team could put up some serious points.

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